Bruce Rauner

Social Media Lights Up During Illinois Governor's Forum

The four candidates for governor of Illinois sparred in a televised forum on Thursday night, and predictably social media users were there commenting on all of the action.

The fireworks started with the very first question, in which debate moderator Carol Marin asked Democratic nominee J.B. Pritzker about a controversy involving toilets at one of his mansions:

Pritzker sparked mixed reactions with his calls for a progressive income tax in the state, which currently has a flat income tax:

Governor Bruce Rauner had plenty of zingers prepared for his confrontation with Pritzker, accusing him of “never working a day in (his) life:”

The duo also sparred on education funding:

Republican Sam McCann frequently went after Rauner and Pritzker, saying that both candidates were essentially the same:

Libertarian Kash Jackson also got some big-time support on social media:

And, of course, Marin was a big star herself, earning rave reviews for her performance:

We’ll have all the latest after the forum, and all the coverage you need until the election, on the NBC Chicago app.

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