Yellow Dot Can Help Save Your Life

Information on the program, distribution centers is at


If you're an Illinois driver with special medical or drug needs, the state wants you to put a yellow dot on your rear window.

The Yellow Dot Program -- announced Tuesday by the Illinois Department of Transportation -- aims to provide first responders with essential, life-saving information they need in the event of a crash.

Drivers that have the yellow sticker on their car are telling paramedics that medical and drug information about the driver and others in the family is in the glove compartment.

"Time is critical in an emergency situation. If paramedics and emergency medical workers know what medications a person is taking, if the person has allergies or a chronic condition, they can make better decisions about treatment," said Dr. Craig Conover, the Illinois Department of Public Health's acting director.

Information on the program and the location of distribution centers can be found at

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