Icy Crash Kills Suburban Woman, Dog

Julie Allard died days ahead of her 35th birthday

Black ice may be to blame for a single-car accident that killed an Elgin woman and her dog Monday night.

Julie Allard and her mixed boxer, Cinnamon, were driving south on Illinois 53 when Allard appeared to have slid at the bridge over Northwest Highway.

"She hit a large snow bank after losing control and the car became airborne. While in the air, the car rotated then landed roof down on Northwest Highway," Illinois State Police Sgt. Darren Love said.

Allard's Toyota 4Runner was crushed when it hit the pavement and slid into an oncoming car. Allard and her beloved dog were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Allard was a receptionist at Camp McDonald Animal Hospital for more than a decade.

"She was just an amazing person," coworker Stephanie Savino said. "We spent a lot of time together. We are a family here."

The accident happened days away from Allard's 35th birthday.

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