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How to Track the Stanley Cup

Download the iPhone app "Wheres The Cup" and keep an eye on Twitter to follow its progress

The Stanley Cup is in Chicago territory again, giving fans the chance to meet the coveted prize themselves. 

The Cup moves fast, however, and it can be difficult to track down. Here are some of the best ways to find it.

Smartphone App

Download the "Wheres the Cup" app ($0.99) to your iPhone and track how close the Cup is to you. The app shows a map with the Cup's location and tells you how many kilometers it is from your own location. It also shows where the trophy was before and where it's going next.

Lastly, "Wheres the Cup" provides a Twitter feed showing all tweets about the Cup's journey to help you find it in real time. 


There's no better place than Twitter to find out what's happening with the Cup right now. Here are a few ways to search for it:

  • Follow @keeperofthecup Phil Pritchard, who tweets photos of the traveling trophy, including one earlier Monday of the Cup going through security at an airport
  • Follow @Wheresthecup, which tweets the latest locations of the Cup
  • Follow @CupTracker, who posts rumors of where the Cup is and has been to help you find it before everyone else. 
  • Search for #CupTracker on Twitter. Many fans don't have Twitter handles dedicated solely to tracking the Stanley Cup, but that doesn't mean they won't be out looking for it. When they do find it, some will post their photos with the hashtag #CupTracker, giving you an idea of where it is. 
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