How to Register for Free Tickets to Chi-Town Rising New Year's Eve Celebration

This year’s Chi-Town Rising New Year’s Eve celebration will be free for downtown Chicago revelers, organizers announced.

Several viewing areas will offer a free view of the outdoor concert and giant rising star leading up to the midnight countdown, but those hoping to attend will need to register for the free tickets in advance.

There will be three ticket options for New Years’ Eve celebrators, including early arrival options for both the north and south viewing areas and "space-available entry" for both viewing areas.

Those with early arrival tickets can enter the north or south viewing areas before 9 p.m. After 9 p.m., entry to the viewing areas is no longer guaranteed and will be offered only if space is available.

The north viewing area will be in Pioneer Court and the south viewing area will sit along Upper Wacker Drive. 

Registration for tickets will be available online here as well as on-site. 

Tickets for some of the paid party options -- including ones at Howells & Hood, the Hard Rock Cafe, the Corona Beach House and Resolution Gala -- are also available on their website.

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