How to Hire Software Devs

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I've interviewed folks before who have explained why it's necessary to have a technical co-founder when you start a new business. But what if you need a software developer? Do you know what to ask them?

The developer types have something up on those who hire them: They know way more about software and what you need than you do. It's like sitting down to a poker game with someone who's hustling you. You know you're probably being played, but don't know enough about the game to prove it. So, what do you do?

Angelique Martin over at has the answer. Well, she actually has the questions you should ask these potential new hires.

Many of the questions are unflinchingly bold, which is good, because you don't want to be taken advantage of. Among the questions Martin suggests posing are asking for proof of talent, how they "keep their claws sharp," and how concerned they are with embracing change.

And, yeah, they might be techies and such, but don't do this via email. You can tell a lot about someone by meeting with them in person as opposed to just reading words from them on a screen. Case in point: Did you know I have a tattoo of Brazil on my left calf, but I hate Brazilian nuts! Well, hate is a little strong, but I don't like them. It's true!

Anyway. Put that out of your mind and read Martin's post over here.

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