How to Grow Your Email Marketing List


There might still be some holdouts against this whole social media trend (sorry, but it isn't a fad), but something no entrepreneur can ignore is email: It's 2012, and even the most Luddite member of your family has an email address by now.

As such, it's critical to learn how to get through to potential customers, clients, or whoever you want to make an impact with via email. Hubspot Blog, an Internet marketing blog, on Wednesday, has compiled an inspiring list of 25 ways to assure email marketing list becomes more robust and up-to-date as it ages. Because, as the post points out: "Your email marketing database degrades by about 25 percent every year." If you're not too good at statistics, that means that the bigger your list gets, the more of it that becomes irrelevant or expired year to year.

Not all of the suggestions are ironclad or fresh, like adding a QR code (which Inc. Well contributor Jabez LeBret explored how to do back in September), but one that sticks out to me is using Pinterest and also encouraging folks on your direct mailing lists to hop over to your online marketing lists instead. Like I said before, it's 2012: It's time people started acting like it.

Read the full list here.

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