How to Get Lucky with Your Startup

Want to get lucky? No, not in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter.

If you've gotten this far in life to realize you want to work for yourself, chances are you've also realized that careers aren't necessarily always made because you have the best résumé and qualifications.

No, people get jobs because they happened to go to summer camp with the best friend of the hiring manager and was told to say, "Hi!"

Well, CNN has a prescription of ways to use serendipity to help make you be better connected -- something that's valuable to any startup. How?

  • Find people that matter: "Get out of the cubicle, and work for a few hours in the lobby, cafe or cafeteria where visitors are coming in and out all day," CNN suggests. Well, if you work at a day job right now, that might not be kosher to do. But if you're your own boss, or freelance, not a problem. After all, "there was no matchmaking service that brought together Lennon and McCartney, Jobs and Wozniak, or Ben and Jerry." This also means going to events like meetups and in general getting outside of your comfort zone.
  • Solve problems in unexpected ways: Basically, be open to chance, particularly if it challenges your routine.

The post over at CNN has a couple more ways to get lucky with your business. Give it a read, and basically, the takeaway is not to get so regimented and automated in what you do that you miss new opportunities. Also, not to fear opportunities, especially if it's with new people and new organizations. It's the only way to expand your circle. 

David Wolinsky is a freelance writer and a lifelong Chicagoan. In addition to currently serving as an interviewer-writer for Adult Swim, he's also a columnist for EGM. He was the Chicago city editor for The Onion A.V. Club where he provided in-depth daily coverage of this city's bustling arts/entertainment scene for half a decade. When not playing video games for work he's thinking of dashing out to Chicago Diner, Pizano's, or Yummy Yummy. His first career aspirations were to be a game-show host.

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