Kids Haven't Seen Mom Since Tuesday

Three children under 12 found in messy North Side apartment

Responding to a call from an Illinois Department of Children and Family Services worker Thursday night, police found three young children home alone in an Edgewater apartment that was in “disarray."

The children, all under 12, hadn’t seen their mother since Tuesday, one of the kids told police.

At 10:05 p.m. Thursday, Chicago police were called to 5342 N. Kenmore Ave. where they found two boys and a girl, all under 12,  on a bed in a bedroom inside an apartment that was in “disarray,’’ according to Lincoln District police Sgt. Rapa.

The officers were able to gain entry when the building management gave them a key.

“When they arrived, the girl stated that she hasn’t seen her mom since Jan. 20,’’ Rapa said.

A police report did not say whether there was heat or running water in the apartment, which was very messy, the sargeant said.

When a DCFS worker went to the home Thursday, the young girl said her mom wasn’t home and the child wouldn't let the DCFS worker in.  Rapa did not immediately know why DCFS was there.

The police report did not say what physical or mental condition the children were in, but DCFS took them to medical staff for examination.

A DCFS spokesman was not immediately available.

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