“He's Going to Shoot My Head Off”: Beauty Salon Robbed at Gunpoint

A beauty salon owner said she’s still frightened, one day after a masked gunman stormed into her shop and pointed a gun at her head.

Oralia Jimenez said the man entered Oralia’s Beauty Oasis in the 1100 block of West 105th Street in East Chicago, Indiana just before noon Thursday and immediately pointed a gun at her head. At the time, Jimenez said a 77-year-old woman was in the salon getting a perm.

“The gun was that big and the hole was that big, he’s going to shoot my head off,” Jimenez said. “He pointed the gun at my customer and said, 'Don’t you move.'”

Jimenez first emptied her pockets then took the man to her cash register.

“I started scooping the money, the coins,” she said. “How many times they shoot you because they don’t think it’s enough money and that’s the only time I was really scared.”

Jimenez only had $100 in cash and said the man seemed upset when she didn’t turn over more. He left in under a minute, she said.

One employee said she hid in the back room and called 911 after the gunman left. She didn’t see his face, but said his voice sounded like a client that had been to the salon before.

Jimenez also said the man walked funny.

“He doesn’t really walk straight, he walks with a slang,” she said.

The store hopes clues, along with the three cameras inside the business, can help catch the crook.

“When they’re going to get you honey, they’re going to get you no matter where you’re at,” she said.

East Chicago Police said they’re reviewing the security video and are looking for a suspect, who possibly walks with a limp. The store owner’s son also offered a $500 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

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