Audit: Where Did the Drugs Go?

Thousand of dollars of medications "stolen or "misplaced"

An audit has determined that thousands of dollars of vaccines and medications have expired and have gone missing from a Chicago Health Department warehouse because of poor record-keeping.

The $3 million cache of drugs and medical supplies for the city's health clinics was created to save the city money. The audit conducted by Inspector General David Hoffman in 2007 and recently released, concluded neither goal was accomplished.

The audit found $529,000 worth of drugs purchased by the city expired before they could ever be dispensed to patients. It also determined at least $639,000 worth of vaccines could have been stolen.

On Monday, Health Commissioner Dr. Terry Mason said Hoffman's assertions about missing medicine and poor record-keeping were incorrect.

Mason said the Central Pharmacy warehouse, 1820 N. Besley Court, is being shut down.


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