Groups Offer Tips on Safe Trick-or-Treating This Halloween

Various groups recommend checking that costumes meet flammability standards

As Halloween approaches, organizations are offering parents of trick-or-treaters safety tips to make sure that the holiday is a fun and safe one.

Chicago-based Kids in Danger is a consumer watchdog for children’s products, and the organization says that inexpensive fabrics sometimes used in Halloween costumes can pose a safety hazard for children.

Nancy Cowles, the group’s Executive Director, says that even clothing that meets flammability standards still can pose a threat, as the products simply have to burn slower than newspaper to comply.

To combat those problems, the group recommends that Halloween decorators use fake candles instead of real ones, and recommends that children wear make-up instead of masks.

Kids in Danger also says that parents should be vigilant about past recalls of products, as some products will be put back on shelves the year after a recall has been issued.

The American Red Cross of Chicago and Northern Illinois also released a statement on Friday, offerings its top 10 tips to help everyone stay safe while enjoying the festivities.

“Halloween is a fun time for everyone and we want to make sure children and adults stay safe while enjoying it,” said Celena Roldán, the group’s CEO said.

The Red Cross recommends that children carry flashlights while out trick-or-treating, and that reflective tape should be added to costumes and trick-or-treat bags to help with visibility at dusk or at night.

Here are other tips the Red Cross offered:

-Use flame-resistant costumes

-Plan trick-or-treat routes in advance, and make sure adults know where children are going.

-Be cautious around animals, especially dogs.

-Only visit homes that have a porch light on, and never go inside for treats. Always accept treats at the door.

-Walk on sidewalks, not streets, wherever possible.

-Use extra caution while driving around trick-or-treating times.

The group also reminds parents to check treats before allowing children to eat them, and to discard candy with unfamiliar brand names or loose packaging.

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