Gun Rights Group Calls Robin Kelly An “Ignorant Witch” attacks candidate for questioning the effectiveness of conceal carry laws

Robin Kelly, who is being elected to represent Illinois’s 2nd Congressional District even as I write this, was called an “ignorant witch” by a pro-gun website for a statement she made on conceal carry laws last weekend.

Kelly won a Democratic primary in the one of the most pro-gun control districts in the nation, with the help of millions of dollars in advertising from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA Super PAC.

She was nominated because she was the most anti-gun candidate in the race. So she’s going to be an anti-gun politician. Here’s what she had to say about the effectiveness of conceal carry laws:

 I’m not for conceal and carry, but I know it’s going to happen, because Illinois is the only state that does not have it, so the Supreme Court says we have to have it, but I’m hoping that we have the weakest conceal carry…we shouldn’t go to parks, we shouldn’t be able to get on the bus or the train. There are some places that allow it, in bars. I mean, that makes no sense. One thing I talk about, when you think about the mass shootings that have occurred, like in Aurora, Colorado, in the movie, they have conceal carry, but nobody pulled out their guns to kill the gentleman that did all the damage that he did, and they could have guns, but most people, they don’t want that, so I will do everything I can as far as standing up with the president to pass the laws that he wants to get passed and so do I.  
This ignorant witch apparently didn’t know that guns were prohibited in that theater, making it the only theater within 20 minutes of the reprobate glory killer’s apartment that was marked “no guns”.  It wasn’t the biggest theater.  It wasn’t the closest theater to the glory killer’s apartment.  It was the only theater marked “no guns”, giving the killer a room full of sheep to massacre, instead of risking return fire from armed theater goers.
Kelly will be one of Congress’s most outspoken advocates of gun control, so expect her to become a target of gun rights groups.          



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