Groupon Watch: Obtiva Buy, Critics Continue

Groupon, its business model and its accounting methods have attracted a daily dose of naysayers for some time now, and Friday is not an anomaly.

Groupon’s foray into China is drawing some criticism, and one media source thinks consumers value goods and services more if paying full price. What do you think?

Also, Groupon continues its world domination by buying software developer Obtiva. Read on: 

  • The “low-fat cookie problem” – it’s an interesting way to describe the success or failure of the Groupon model. (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Is Gaeopeng, the Groupon of China, really a disaster? Layoffs in China. (Forbes)
  • Everyone's a critic. The Groupon-bashing continues, as one columnist claims he/she knew Groupon had accounting issues from the very beginning. (E-Commerce Times)
  • “If you’d like to send a congratulatory gift to the Obtiva team, they’re registered at Crate ‘n Barrel and Radio Shack.” Groupon buys Obtiva. (TechCrunch)
  • Today’s Deal: $20 for eats and drinks at LaSalle Power Co.
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