Groupon Watch: Breaking Rules With E-Mail

The possible delay of Groupon’s IPO may come down to the fact that Andrew Mason expressed views in written form, rather than an oral message, which violates SEC rules. Would the ideology of Groupon – and Mason’s quirky personality - fare better with an office in Silicon Valley? Maybe. And although some speculate that group-buying is slowing due to the exit of Facebook and Yelp, it may be just beginning. Read more:

  • All this fuss over an e-mail? (New York Times)
  • Why Andrew Mason could use an office in Silicon Valley. (TechCrunch)
  • More insight into Groupon’s China woes. (Business Insider)
  • Despite the Facebook and Yelp’s exit, group-buying is just beginning. (Business Insider)
  • Oregon dentists and chiropractors ban daily deals. (Business Insider)
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