Groupon Watch: Group-Buying Demise? Copycat Talk

A columnist explains why Groupon lovers feel like they have been let down by the Chicago tech darling, after the recent explosion of news over the company’s financial results. Some go as far as to say a group buying collapse is on the way … but don’t tell the copycats. Also, as Groupon heads toward its IPO, more join the fray over whether its practices are good for businesses, and if its financials are good for investors. Read on: 

  • Groupon subscribers are actively considering other suitors. (Chicago News Cooperative
  • But some think copycats may cause a collapse. (Moneyweb
  • Analysts have more neutral views – and one group-buying entrepreneur compares a future Groupon to MySpace. (Financial Times
  • Groupon or Groupcon? A (very long) look at Groupon’s history with businesses and finances. (Tech Central)
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