Groupon News Today: Email Troubles, Travel Deals


Tuesday’s news about Groupon brings technical troubles, “getaway” travel deals with its Expedia partnership, and more competition, of course.

  • It appears customers in five U.S. cities may have had problems getting a cheap burrito or manicure over the weekend because of problems with Groupon’s email provider. The issues left some industry experts to speculate that the company’s “brand name still has a ways to go.”

    Groupon users in cities including Dallas and San Jose had issues with accessing their deals through emails (the direct website was working, but no one wants to expend that much energy). (Wall Street Journal).
  • Groupon’s deal with Expedia went live Monday night and offered travel deals of more than 50 percent to destinations like Tahiti. (Wall Street Journal). 
  • Foursquare is teaming up with several daily deal companies. As of this posting, Groupon was not listed in the partnerships, though reports say it’s in the works. (VentureBeat). 
  • And Groupon’s rejected partner Google is attempting to strengthen forces against the company through recent acquisition of the Punchd loyalty card. (ZDNet).
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