Group With Paintball Guns Damages Homes While Aiming to ‘Shoot Out' Christmas Decorations: Police


A group of people using paintball guns caused damage to homes in suburban Peru while attempting to "shoot out" Christmas decorations, according to police.

The City of Peru Police Department posted to social media Wednesday, saying that a "rash of criminal damage to property" had been reported involving paintball guns during the evening hours Tuesday.

An unknown number of people were driving a dark-colored sedan primarily between the 1500-2500 blocks of 6th Street and 7th Street, police said.

"It appears suspects were attempting to shoot out Christmas decorations, however have caused damage to some homes," the police department said in the post.

Anyone with information on the paintball attacks is asked to contact the Peru Police Department at (815) 223-2151 or the anonymous tip line at (815) 223-1432.

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