Great Dane Helps Stop Sexual Assault

Larry Smith, 28, arrested for allegedly assaulting a girl half his age

A Great Dane and his owner came to the rescue of a 14-year-old being attacked in their neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

Scooby and owner Augustin Zamora were on a walk in the Logan Square neighborhood shortly before 5 p.m. when they heard a girl’s screams and came to her aide, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The girl had just gotten off a Diversey Avenue bus near the 2800 block of North Whipple street and was walking home when she noticed a man following her, the Chicago Tribune reported. The man grabbed her as she ran up the stairs to her home, threw her to the ground and began to undress her.

Startled when Scooby and Zamora approached them, the attacker ran into an alley at George Street where he was corner by the team until police arrived.

Police arrested Larry Smith, 28, of the 3700 block of South Wells Street, who has been charged with attempted criminal sexual assault, police said.

Smith has three drug felony convictions and most recently was convicted of public indecency for which he spent nine days in Cook County Jail in 2009, authorities said.

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