Glenview Speed Skater Suffers Slight Injury

Glenview's Brian Hansen was a no-show for his second heat of the 500 meter long track speed skating event Monday.

Hansen said he sat out because his groin and back was hurting "a little bit afterward."

Hansen, like Chicago teammate Shani Davis, was using the 500 as a tuneup for their specialties, the 1000 meter, which starts on Wednesday.

"I'm going to save it for the 1000 and hopefully everything goes good there," Hansen said.

Davis finished 24th overall, and likes the way he feels going forward.

"I got some good speed, my opener was improving, technically I feel pretty good, I feel healthy, I'm motivated, I got the nerves out of my system and I'm ready to go," Davis said. "Rest, recover, analyze, focus and go."

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