4 Top Legislative Leaders, Rauner Reach ‘Historic' School Funding Reform

The Illinois Republican House and Senate announced Thursday that the four top legislative leaders and Gov. Bruce Rauner have reached a “historic” school funding reform.

“This afternoon the four legislative leaders and the governor reached an agreement in principle on historic school funding reform,” House Republican Leader Jim Durkin and Senate Republican Leader-designee Bill Brady said in a joint statement. "Language will be drafted and details of the agreement released once the drafts have been reviewed. The leaders will reconvene in Springfield on Sunday in anticipation of House action on Monday.”

A statement released by the governor's office applauded the agreement.

“Governor Rauner applauds the four leaders in coming to a consensus on historic school funding reform that reflects the work of the School Funding Reform Commission," the statement reads. "He thanks them for their leadership and looks forward to the coming days when the legislation is passed by both chambers.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was expected to speak on the agreement later in the evening.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the agreement a “new chapter” in education funding that will provide stability, parity and equity to students.

“We are on the doorstep of an historic victory for students and familites not just in Chicago, but in cities, towns and villages across Illinois,” Emanuel said.

The mayor thanked lawmakers and Rauner for coming together on the agreement.

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