New Jersey

Gary Bettman Eggs on Fans at NHL Draft at United Center

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is used to getting booed, and he wasn't all that impressed with the job that Chicago Blackhawks fans did at the NHL Draft on Friday. 

Bettman, who introduced the New Jersey Devils to kick off the draft, was booed heartily when he walked to the podium, but he challenged fans to work even harder to drown him out as he spoke: 

"You can do it. You can do better," he said with a big grin. 

When fans obliged him and booed even louder, the commissioner changed his tone from one of mockery to one of appreciation. 

"That's more like it!" he said. 

Like other sports commissioners, Bettman is routinely booed at NHL events, including the Stanley Cup presentation and the NHL Draft. 

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