Friday #StrideInspiration

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Whether it's Pinterest or Facebook, social media accounts can oftentimes give us a little extra motivation for those tough workouts. Sometimes silly and occasionally unattainable, pictures and listicles might just do the trick when you don't want to lace your shoes up for a long run. 

From the Twitter account @BeFitMotivation, here's an infographic that gives you the top 15 reasons to run. Some of my favorites: "Solo runs provide time for self discovery" and "It gives you goals to work toward."

So if you're finding your training plan tough to stick to in all this snow and on a holiday weekend, check out this list and maybe even make an inspiration list of your own! It might just remind you how good you feel after a satisfying run, and help you work to make that feeling happen. 

What's keeping you inspired this weekend? Let us know on Twitter at @StrideNBC and we'll share it next week. Happy running! 

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