Former Bear Martellus Bennett Slams Jay Cutler

The Bears traded tight end Martellus Bennett to the New England Patriots earlier in the offseason

Just one day after a former teammate called him an MVP candidate, another of Jay Cutler’s former teammates had some decidedly less kind things to say.

That former teammate is tight end Martellus Bennett, who the Chicago Bears traded to the New England Patriots earlier in the offseason. In an extensive profile in ESPN the Magazine, Martellus and his brother Michael weigh in on all sorts of characters in the NFL, but Cutler earned some criticism from the outspoken duo.

"'Worst quarterback in the NFL,' he (Michael) says.

'I’d be open and he’d throw into double coverage,' says Martellus, who spent the past three seasons as Cutler’s teammate in Chicago.'"

The Cutler comments come just one day after former Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall told ESPN 2’s “First Take” that the quarterback could be an MVP candidate this season. Even without Bennett in the picture, the Bears are optimistic that healthy seasons from Alshon Jeffery and Kevin White can be enough to keep the quarterback’s progress going, but apparently his former tight end doesn’t agree.

Cutler wasn’t the only figure that earned the Bennett brothers’ scorn. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is “overpaid,” according to Michael Bennett. Martellus called Houston Texans star J.J. Watt “corny,” and he also says that he hates former Dallas Cowboys teammate Jason Witten.

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