Flyers Backtrack on Decision to Pull Skimpy Ice Crew

All-male crew booed mercilessly by Philadelphia fans

[CSNPH] icegirlsap.jpg

A word of caution for Chicago Blackhawks fans who've supported the idea of getting rid of the team's Ice Crew -- take a look at what happened in Philly.

Last week, the Flyers' ice crew hit the ice without their signature team of scantily-clad women, but the idea was quickly scrapped. And all it took was loud boos from a very vocal Philadelphia crowd.

The team announced their decision to bring back the Ice Girls on the Jumbotron at Tuesday night's last preseason game against the New York Rangers, about a week after the debut of the all-male ice crew. A crew that was met with boos. Loud boos.

The organization posted the following announcement on its Facebook page:

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It's unclear what prompted the Flyers to cut the Ice Girls in the first place, although many believe an article on Mother Jones dissing pay and conditions, may have been behind the decision.

But it's safe to say the Blackhawks Ice Crew isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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