Flash Mob of Nearly 20 Teens Rob Wicker Park Store

The large group entered the Mildblend Supply Co. on Milwaukee Avenue.

More than 20 teenagers made off with over $3,000 in high quality denim jeans from a Wicker Park shop on Saturday.

The mob of teens entered the shop around 6:40pm, quickly outnumbering other customers and employees at Mildblend Supply Co. on Milwaukee Avenue.

“They completely overwhelmed us”, said store owner Luke Cho as he recalled Saturdays events. “I went to lock the door and there were a dozen more waiting to come in”, he said.

Surveillance video in the shop shows the teens targeting a specific area of the store that houses a trendy brand of jeans called “Nudie Jeans”.

“They knew what they wanted and went straight for it,” said Cho.

The surveillance video was put on YouTube in hopes of helping police to apprehend the robbers or even prompting parents to turn in their kids.

“I’ve gotten somewhat immune to the shoplifting here with young people, but this one was certainly different,” said Cho.

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