5 Bears Who Could Win in the Octagon

The UFC is in Chicago this week, culminating with fights at the United Center on Saturday night. Football and MMA already have a close relationship, as stars like Minnesota's Jared Allen use MMA to give their game an edge. So which Bears would fare best in the Octagon?

Brian Urlacher: No. 54 is a no-brainer. He's an MMA fan, is strong and fast, and would be able to get takedowns with ease. His strong neck would also make him tough to choke out.

Julius Peppers: His size and reach would give Pep an advantage in the Octagon. He also has trained boxing in the offseason. He would need to cut down to make the 265-pound weight limit for heavyweights, but MMA training could do the trick. Could you imagine the punches and kicks that someone of Peppers' freakish athleticism would throw?

Charles "Peanut" Tillman: He already has a signature strike, the patent-pending Peanut Football Punch. Though Bears fans are used to seeing it cause fumbles, it would also cause damage in the Octagon.

Jay Cutler: After being sacked 75 times in two seasons, there's no questioning the man's toughness. His ability to take a sack and get back up bodes well for Cutty having a good chin, and his arm strength means his striking could stop opponents.

Robbie Gould: Before you say, "A kicker?" YES. A kicker. Gould's booming leg could give him knockout kicks, and he has a good size for a welterweight. 

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