Feely Calls Out Cutler, Trestman's Lack of Leadership in Interview

Feely says Cutler, Trestman's lack of leadership hurt the team's locker room

The Chicago Bears were an absolute mess last year in the locker room, and one player who joined the team late in the season opened up on Wednesday about the events that took place behind closed doors.

Kicker Jay Feely, who replaced Robbie Gould in the lineup when the veteran kicker went down with a quadriceps injury late in the season, spoke out about the Bears’ lack of leadership under Marc Trestman and Jay Cutler in a radio interview.

“With Trestman, it was a little awkward when he spoke,” he told Mad Dog Radio. “You can have that as a coach if you have a strong locker room and you have leaders in the locker room. If you don’t have leaders in the locker room, you don’t have a coach who inspires, then you have a losing season.”

Trestman’s lack of leadership wasn’t the only criticism that Feely had about the Bears during his time with the team. Cutler was also targeted in Feely’s comments.

“Jay Cutler can win on the field,” he said. “But he would be so much better and the team would be so much better if you’re a leader off the field as well. I never saw him lead verbally.”

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