Family Thankful for ‘Angel' That Helped 13-Year-Old Escape Attempted Abduction

Police are investigating and a Chicago school is telling students not to walk home alone after dark following the attempted abduction of a teenager nearby.

The girl, 13, was walking home from school in the 4500 block of West 81st Street in Chicago's Scottsdale neighborhood when she was approached by a black car. A man inside asked her to get in but she ran away. She suffered an ankle injury during her escape, but was helped by a nearby Good Samaritan, Deniss Bandera, who called 911.

“I feel powerless, I feel angry,” Bandera said. “We need to keep together, to keep the neighborhood safe.”

The girl’s family says they are counting their blessings.

“This should not happen to anybody,” father Cedric Acevedo said. “It’s a miracle that someone was there to help her—it had to be God watching out for us.”

Darea Acevedo, the girl’s mother, agrees.

“I think the mom that came to her rescue, she’s an angel, God put her there at the right time.

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