Family Frantically Searching for Missing Man

68-year-old Alzheimer patient wandered from home on Monday

"The longer it goes, the more scared I get," said the ex-wife of an Oak Lawn Alzheimer's patient who has been missing since Monday.

James Newbauer's relatives are continuing their frantic search for the 68-year-old man, telling the Southtown Star that he's "escaped" before, but they've always been able to find him within four or five hours.

"We had no luck this time," the ex-wife, Cynthia Garcia, said.

Newbauer lives with his 43-year-old son, Dale, who put padlocks on the gates outside the house so his father couldn't wander off. But on Monday, the family found a stack of wood beside a gate. They believe James Newbauer used that pile to climb over the fence.

"To tell you the truth, I don't think he knows his name anymore," Garcia said of Newbauer, adding that his memory loss had accelerated in the past month. 

Oak Lawn police are working with the family to try to locate the missing man.

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