Ex-FBI Agent Suspected in Couple's Murder

A former FBI agent has just been named a suspect in the 2002 execution-style murders of a West Rogers Park couple who were gunned down in their car, right in front of their baby, the Sun-Times reported. 

Former FBI agent Vo Duong "Ben" Tran is now accused of planning to rob a drug house in Los Angeles, and he's considered a suspect in the murders of Vickie and Timme Le. 

There was no need for an ambulance that day in May 2002. The scene inside the couple's BMW was cold and calculated. The Les had been shot dead just outside her parents home. 

"It was execution style, and whoever did it seemed to know what they were doing," said neighbor Robert Kandelman. 

The only survivor was a witness too young to talk -- the couple's 3-month-old baby girl. She wasn't hurt, at least physically. 

Chicago's cold case team is looking into allegations that Tran was caught on tape allegedly telling an informant he was a bookie and wanted to kill people who owed him money. 

Tran wrote on his MySpace page, "Man knows no pain till he's taken a man's life." He describes himself as a single father of three girls. 

The baby girl in the BMW turned 7 years old this week. She has no memory of her parents' deaths, and she's doing well, her uncle said. 

Vickie Le's mother said she is angry over the revelation -- the former agent was a friend of Vickie's husband. 

Deputy Police Supt. Steve Peterson said authorities are waiting on word from L.A. before any charges could be filed. 

"Hopefully this will come to fruition and we'll have an arrest in this case, but that remains to be seen until they get the information from Los Angeles," Peterson said. 

Peterson said Tran's case must be prosecuted before any evidence will be handed over to Chicago.

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