Emanuel Posts 90,000 City Contracts Online

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Wednesday he's making 90,000 city contracts public on the city's data portal.

The contracts are among several datasets that Emanuel has made available online as part of his efforts to "increase transparency in city government."

"These efforts will increase the openness and efficiency of the city's contracting process," Emanuel said in a statement. "We will be able to increase the transparency of the contracting process and ensure that these contracting processes are conducted in full view of the public."

The contracts, which date back to 1993, will be updated daily and can be downloaded by users.

Emanuel already has released lobbyist disclosures and salary information. Theodore Brunsvold, the son of a downstate lawmaker and representative for over 18 companies, has the highest salary of $978,000.

In the past, the datasets were only available through the procurement website or by submitting a FOIA request.

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