Emanuel Proposes Lobbyist Gift Limits

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday he plans to introduce new ethics legislation at Wednesday's city council meeting to rein in the influence of lobbyists.

As part of the proposed ordinance, lobbyists would be limited to $50 for each non-cash gift to city employees and $100 in total gifts per year. Lobbyists also would be prohibited from loaning money to city employees, officials or their business.

Emanuel also proposed a searchable online lobbyists system to disclose in real-time who they're lobbying and lobbying for. In addition, lobbyists must disclose all campaign contributions to city elected officials and employees running for office.

The mayor said he aims to create "the most comprehensive lobbyist disclosure database in the nation" to ensure government employees are doing right by their taxpayers.

Chicago's former Inspector General, David Hoffman, said Emanuel's proposal is "an impressive step towards shining a light on who is influencing government."

"These are important measures that need to be taken to increase accountability and regain the trust of the people of Chicago," he said.

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