Maggie Daley, After School Matters Celebrate 20 Years

Mayor Rahm Emanuel did the honors of introducing Chicago's former First Lady, Maggie Daley, at a fundraising gala for After School Matters, the program she started and nurtured for two decades.

"We are a better city because of Maggie Daley's perseverance," Emanuel said at the Navy Pier event, which showcased the skills the students have learned through the program and featured the arts and crafts they've made.

The largest program of its kind in the country, After School Matters keeps teens busy and out of trouble while allowing them to explore and develop their talents while gaining critical skills for work, college and beyond.

"Every day I am inspired by what these young people can accomplish, and I can't wait to see what we can achieve together in the next 20 years. After all, after school matters," Mrs. Daley said in her remarks.

The event was her first high-profile appearance in several weeks and she received a standing ovation and a rousing welcome as she took the stage. She's been in and out of the hospital for the last several months as she continues her battle against breast cancer and challenges she's had with a metal rod in her right leg. 

She was seen using both a wheelchair and a walker at Wednesday's event that saw about 1,500 people in attendance.

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