Vandals Targeting Vehicles on Ike?

Downers Grove mother says window of her SUV was shattered as she drove toward downtown on Wednesday night


A roadside vandal targeting vehicles at random on Interstate 290 is likely to blame for smashing the rear window of a passing SUV Wednesday evening, police said.

Holly Tlusty, a Downers Grove mother of two, was driving eastbound on the Eisenhower at about 6:45 p.m., headed downtown for a business meeting, when her back window shattered, she said.

"I heard the crash of glass. I screamed. I shrieked and tried to stay focused," she recalled, not sure if she had been shot at or somebody threw a rock through her window.

Uninjured but startled, the 46-year-old pulled off the Eisenhower at Independence Boulevard and called 911. She said the investigating officer told her there had been a string of similar attacks along the Ike recently, but Chicago police disputed this fact when contacted by NBC Chicago.

Tlusty figures a BB did the damage to her window and ricocheted elsewhere, since police failed to find a bullet shell or a rock inside her SUV. She says she'll continue to drive on the Eisenhower, but envisions she'll look up, when approaching overpasses.

"When I got home, all I wanted to do is hug my children and my husband. I felt very luck to be alive and OK," she said.

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