Ebony Launches New Beauty Program, Enlists Bloggers

Courtesy U.S. Customs and Border Protection

There's been a lot of speculation about how exactly Ebony and the rest of the Johnson Publishing empire would be embracing the Internets -- a must for any journalism-related enterprise. If the most recent issue of Ebony is any indication, Johnson's attack plans may be coming clearer.

In an intriguing and clever twist, Ebony had trendy bloggers curate a list of over 50 hip beauty products in the premiere Beauty and Grooming Awards. Johnson CEO Desiree Rogers told minonline.com that no ads were solicited from the winning products; the bloggers had free rein to make their own selections. The winners were listed in the magazine, teasing to video reviews from top judges hosted on the mag's website.

The bloggers themselves will of course also link back to their videos, assuring a new flow of traffic for Johnson that certainly can't hurt in the grand scheme of things.

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