Ditka Sweater Curse Lives on as Packers Lose to Lions

Legendary Bears Coach Mike Ditka may have helped boost his team's season by doing the unthinkable — donning a Packers sweater.

In late October, Ditka was seen wearing a Packers jersey, and a few days later it was revealed that the stunt was part of a promotion for a new contest at McDonald’s. Ditka appeared in a Packers sweater in one of the ads for the company, but it seems as though the former Chicago Bears coach’s “change of loyalty” has come with some dire consequences for their NFC North rivals.

Since the ad came out, the Packers have lost three games in a row, ending with Sunday's loss to the Detroit Lions. The Bears, meanwhile, soundly defeated the St. Louis Rams 37-13 in a blowout victory.

Most rational people would dismiss the "Ditka curse" as mularkey, but then again, sports aren’t exactly a safe haven for the rational and level-headed.

For all we know, someone is cooking up a column right now that Ditka's wardrobe choice was a calculated move to derail the Packers' Super Bowl chances and help the Bears to a win later this month on Thanksgiving. 

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