Dead Beat Dad Jumps From Building to Avoid Paying Child Support

Owed $5,979.66

A Chicago man broke both his legs when he jumped from a third apartment window trying to avoid police who were there to collect child support payments, authorities said.

Ronald "Boobie" McIntyre, 35, of the 1300 block of North Hudson Street, owes $5,979.66 in court ordered child support payments, the Cook County Sheriff’s department said.

Sheriff’s officers, attempting to take him into custody, were let into his apartment building Tuesday afternoon by a woman who said she didn’t know where he was. But a child pointed to a window in the back and officers looked out and saw the man splayed on the ground.

He thought he was jumping onto grass, but it turned out to be Astroturf covering concrete.

Officers went to collect him, but couldn’t get into the area as it was fenced off. Despite his broken legs, McIntyre, a career criminal with more than 80 criminal convictions, tried to crawl away.

Cops eventually reached through the gates and handcuffed him.

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