CTA Fare Hikes, Service Cuts Just a Stop Away

All told the budget proposal would cut 827,000 hours of bus service and 57,803 hours of rail service.

The Chicago Transit Authority would like you to dig deeper into your pockets for a ride on the train.  They want you to pay more for the bus, too, but good luck finding one.

In unveiling its 2010 budget recommendations, the CTA has announced service cuts and fare hikes intended to help close a $300 million budget gap, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago leaders had hoped that hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics would generate millions in federal dollars to overhaul its century-old subway and elevated train system -- the second-largest in the nation. But we know how that turned out.

So consider these fare-hikes and service cuts a 2016 consolation prize:

The budget proposal includes a measure to increase basic train rides to $3, up from $2.25; Bus fares will increase to $2.50 from $2.25; 30-day full fare passes will jump to $110 from $86; and seven-day passes will rise from $23 to $30.

But the fare hikes aren’t the worst of proposal. The CTA would cut nine express bus routes (X3, X4, X9, X20, X49, X54, X55, X80 and 53 AL) and reduce service on 41 other routes.

All told the budget proposal, which is targeted for Feb. 7, would cut 827,000 hours of bus service and 57,803 hours of rail service, and would make fares on the nation's second-largest transit system the most expensive in the country.

Riders are welcome to give their feedback on the recommendations at three budget meetings scheduled through Nov. 3.


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