Couple Ties Knot at Bears Tailgate

Bears fans get married at location of first date

A Chicago couple decided to combine their love for each other with their adoration for the Bears on Sunday.

Jay Gottfred and Kalli Jacobson tied the knot during a tailgate party at Soldier Field. The nuptials were celebrated in the back of a pickup truck, where an arch decorated with blue fabric and orange flowers was set up for the ordained Internet minister to stand under.

Both the bride and groom wore Bears jerseys and jeans while exchanging their vows.

It was a match made in Bear heaven because the two had their first date at a Bears game.

And before you start feeling sorry for the poor girl who was roped into a football-themed wedding by her boyfriend, keep in mind that it was all Kalli's idea.

Close to 100 people attended the ceremony before quickly getting back to their priorities -- rooting for the Bears!

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