Council Asks to Suspend Travel to Russia

It's estimated 85,000 Ukrainians live in the Chicago area.

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Alderman Ed Burke (14th) and three others are proposing "all passenger and freight air carriers operating out of Chicago to suspend all service to Russia" until they withdraw troops from the Crimean peninsula. 

The resolution will be introduced at the City Council meeting today.   The aldermen all represent wards that include the Ukranian Village.  

They're also asking the Deptartment of Cultural Affairs and Special Events to suspend the Sister city agreement with Moscow until Russia withdraws its troops. 

Burke notes in his press release "it is my hope that if we take the first step of urging an airline embargo that other major cities across the nation, such as New York and Los Angeles, will follow suit."

It's estimated 85,000 Ukrainians live in the Chicago area.   

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