Coronavirus Fears Taking Toll on Chinatown

Public health officials aim to reassure the public as the normally bustling tourist destination loses customers

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Businesses and restaurants in Chicago's Chinatown have seen a significant decrease in traffic in recent weeks as a result of Coronavirus fears.

At a news conference Thursday, public health officials attempted to ease concerns and said people should not be afraid as the general risk to the public remains low.

Dr. Allison Arwady, Chicago’s Public Health Commissioner, said it isn't necessary for the general public to change their behaviors.

“No need to wear masks in public," Dr. Arwady said. "No need to cancel events. And certainly, no need to avoid coming to Chinatown.”

Dr. Arwady also asked people to "please do not allow stigma, xenophobia or fear to control your decisions."

"Chinatown and all of Chicago is open for business," she added.

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