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Cook County Sheriff Supplements CPD in 9th Ward, Crime Goes Down, Alderman Says

Ald. Anthony Beale says the increased police presence and crime reduction in his ninth ward started after he reached out to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and asked for some extra help.

"It's scary, when stuff happens inside a house you don't know that's something you don't want in your neighborhood," Carolyn Brown, a Roseland resident, said.

Fortunately some reassuring news for residents Cook County sheriffs police announcing extended patrols and crime suppression tactics in the Roseland and Pullman neighborhoods on the Far South Side. 

Fed up with the violence Bobby Kennedy decided to sell his Roseland home and relocate his family out of state

"The final straw was last year my mom was in the kitchen and a bullet went through the window," Kennedy said.

On Thursday police were on the 300 block of West106th Street investigating the shooting of a 17-year-old-girl shot in her eye Wednesday afternoon.

"It's not that crime is out of control we just want to continue to suppress the crime in the area," Beale said.

Beale says crime in his ward has been decreasing and the extra officers are an extra step this summer.

"We know times are hard and resources are scarce and anytime you can bring additional resources into a community it can only help," he said.

Approximately 55 to 60 Sheriff’s police and staff will supplement CPD officers in the form of patrol units, special operations, crime suppression tactical teams and community policing. 

"It won't help, when they do something police aren't around and sheriffs won't be around," Derrick Berry, a Roseland resident for more than 50 years, says.

The extra police support started this week, but how long it will continue is still to be determined. Beale says he hopes to no longer need the extra resources and to eventually see the officers sent to other communities.

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