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Comic Book Icon Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Chicago Masseuse

Maria Carballo alleges she was assaulted in the the Hyatt Regency at McCormick Place a year ago by comic book mogul Stan Lee, according to a lawsuit filed in Cook County Monday.

Lee, 95, is the co-creator of Marvel characters like Spider Man, The Avengers and Black Panther.

On April 21, 2017, the massage therapist alleges Lee started fondling himself 30 minutes into the massage in his hotel room. She says when she tried to diffuse the situation by having him turn on his back—he began moaning and groaning as she massaged his quadriceps.

She left.

But the next day— she says her employer called her back.

She initially refused to return, according to the lawsuit.

But after a third call, she says she feared she would lose her job, and returned for a second massage with Lee.

An hour into the second massage, the therapist says lee started moaning again.

So she changed the massage type to use her feet—creating distance.

That’s when she says Lee took her foot and placed it on his genitals.

Lee’s lawyer didn’t return NBC 5's multiple requests for comment, but told the Chicago Tribune “he is a high-profile public figure and I think it’s shakedown. The guy is 95, I don’t think he would do that.”

The alleged victim’s attorney, Aasim Cunningham, responded.

"Our client certified and verified her complaint under oath," Cunningham said. "So you can take that for what it means. But we did our due diligence in investigating the merits of the case."

As far as why she waited a year to file the lawsuit— in a statement she says she was afraid to ask anyone to help her.

“He is rich and famous," she said. "I am not."

Chicago police confirmed Carballo filed a complaint in march.

"It takes courage to finally go forward with something like that," Cunningham said. "Courage takes time."

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