7 ways to prepare your pet for a disaster

These tips will help you prepare your pets for emergencies, and make all the difference in their safety and well-being.

When disaster strikes, it’s important to remember every member of your family -- including your furry friends.

Taking proactive measures to prepare your pets for emergencies can make all the difference in their safety and well-being.

Here are seven tips to help ensure the welfare of your pets during severe weather and other challenging situations:

1. Bring at least a one-week supply of food and water

If you need to evacuate, make sure to bring at least a one-week supply of food and fresh water for your pets. This will sustain them during the crisis and ensure they remain nourished and hydrated.

2. Take any pet medications

Make sure to pack any necessary medications your pet may need in case you are away from home for an extended period.

3. Keep medical records accessible 

Keep copies of your pet’s vaccination records and other medical records in an easy-to-find location. Having these records on hand can be valuable if you need to visit a new vet during an emergency.

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4. Take pet insurance

If you have pet insurance, make sure to take a copy of the policy and relevant contact information. This will help you to make sure your pet’s medical needs are covered in case of an emergency.

5. Have photos of your pets

Having recent photos of your pets can be a lifesaver if you become separated from them during a disaster. Sharing their pictures will help others identify and reunite them with you.

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6. Find a reliable neighbor

Identify a trustworthy, reliable neighbor who can help you with your pets in case you are separated from your home. This will give you peace of mind and ensure that your pets are taken care of.

7. Keep pets close

In emergencies, pets may display unexpected or uncharacteristic behaviors, so always keep a close eye on them. Make sure to bring a leash or carrier to ensure they remain safe and close to you at all times.

With adequate preparation by following these seven tips, you can ensure that your pets receive the care they need, even in challenging circumstances. 

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