Motorists Without City Stickers Face Tickets, Late Fee

Chicago's two-week grace period ends at midnight

Still don't have a city sticker? Grabbing one today will save you a ticket.

Chicago's two-week grace period to purchase a sticker ends at midnight, opening up motorists without a sticker to a $200 ticket and a $60 late fee.

City enforcement agents will begin issuing tickets at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday to motorists without the new Chicago City Vehicle Sticker.

Though the stickers expired June 30, City Clerk Susana Mendoza announced the two-week grace period to give drivers an opportunity to buy their stickers before July 16.

"These tickets and fees are very steep," Mendoza said Tuesday in a statement. "Please go on social media, call your friends and family and do what you can to tell people you know that they need to make sure they purchase and display the new 2014 sticker -- it's the pink one -- on their windshield. If not, they could wake up Wednesday to some expensive tickets and late fees."

City clerk locations are open until customers who arrive before 5 p.m. are served. After the City Clerk and Finance Department locations close this evening, motorists can buy stickers at currency exchanges and other vendors, but they can charge up to $5.50 in service fees per sticker.

Currency exchanges and other partner vendors won't be able to sell city stickers after midnight without adding the $60 late fee to the total cost of the purchase, Mendoza said.

The clerk's list of sales locations can be found here.

"Even if you are in line before midnight, if you don't complete your purchase at a currency exchange before midnight, you will have to pay the late fee," Mendoza said. "We want motorists to take care of this much earlier in the day and not wait until the literal last minutes before buying. In most cases showing up at 11:50 p.m. is not going to be good enough to avoid the late fee."

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