City Council Committee Approves Chicago Food Trucks Ordinance

Food truck operators are now allowed on-board cooking, but that isn’t enough

The Chicago City Council committee approved a new Chicago Food Trucks ordinance Thursday setting the stage for full council approval.
After food truck operators have been going head to head with restaurant owners they are now are allowed to cook inside their vehicles, Huffpost Chicago reported.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel supported the new ordinance that lifted restrictions on operators selling food between 10:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m.  
Although the new ordinance has been approved food truck operators are still not thrilled. A strict rule has been placed upon them requiring operators to stay 200 feet away from restaurants or face a $2,000 fine. Operators told reporterss that this rule will make it difficult for them to do business in pedestrian heavy areas.
Co-owner of DucknRoll Food Trucks and Founding Member of the Illinois Food Trucks Association told reporters that food truck operators are not looking for zero regulation and that she doen't agree with using government power to protect the interest of one business over another.
Restaurant owners however feel that the new ordinance gives food truck owners too much freedom, according to reports and believe that food trucks will harm Chicago businesses struggling to pull in customers. 
The entire city council will vote and make a final decision on the new ordinance next week. 
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