Church Group Marches, Reads Names of Victims After Deadliest August in 23 Years

A church group marched Thursday night and read the names of 90 people shot to death in Chicago this August, saying they won't tolerate month with such a high number of shooting deaths.

"That's all you keep hearing is numbers, but these are human lives," Pam Vosley, the mother of a shooting victim, said into a microphone during the march after reading names of victims.

The New Bethlehem Church Group marched down Cottage Grove from West 87th Street to West 91st Street chanting "No more killing, we want love!"

The march and prayers come hours after 10-year-old Etyra Ruffin was grazed in the arm by a bullet while sitting on the steps of her Humbolt Park home.

"I heard it and I saw my dad and my cousin on the ground," Etyra said. "So I ran upstairs. When I got upstairs I felt that my arm was hurting."

Etyra's dad is recovering in the hospital from several gunshot wounds. Her uncle was also shot.

Chicago saw 472 shooting victims last month, police say, and it's been the deadliest August in 23 years.

Activists held an event calling for peace at the 79th Street Red Line stop handing out fliers and holding an upside down American flag--a distress signal, they say, for anyone that can help.

"It's worse than a crisis," Rev. Jesse Jackson said Thursday. "There's no apparent plan to stop it."

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