Chuck E. Cheese Busted

Batavia location in violation of liquor laws

So much for that confident and safe feeling parents have when they take their kids to the indoor playground/pizza joint known as Chuck E. Cheese.

Letting the little ones run wild with a pocketful of game tokens just won't offer the same sense of security it once did now that one of the restaurant's locations has been busted for selling alcohol to minors. 

Considering that customers at the place are often about 80 percent underage, it's frightening to think that employees aren't diligent about checking IDs, but police in suburban Batavia have accused that town's Chuck E. Cheese and another restaurant with serving under-age patrons.

The Kane County Chronicle reported that police joined the Illinois Liquor Control Commission in staging an undercover sting earlier this month. High school and college students are often sent to restaurants undercover to make sure the establishments are not selling alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.

In a recent sting, thte popular children's place was found to be breaking the law.

The second restaurant, El Taco Grande, was also busted, but its econd Batavia location on River Street was found to be in compliance with the law.

A restaurant, bar or liquor store can be fined and lose its liquor license for selling to minors.

"It is a serious thing to be serving liquor to kids," said Susan Hofer, spokesperson for the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. "It is a privilege to have a liquor license."

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