Chili's Accused of Serving 4-Year-Old Girl Liquor

Mom says girl served a Mudslide instead of chocolate shake

A Chicago mother claims her 4-year-old daughter was inadvertantly served alcohol at a South Side Chili's restaurant Sunday night.

Tyree Davis says she ordered her daughter, Brooklyn, a chocolate shake, but received a Mudslide instead -- an alcoholic drink containing vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey's Irish Cream.

Davis says she knew something was wrong when her daughter didn't want to finish the drink.

"She (waitress) tried to take the drink and leave the shake and I said no, leave the drink and go get your manager. And that's when I pulled out my camera phone and I took pictures. And after I took the pictures, I called the police," Davis says.

Brooklyn was diagnosed with alcohol ingestion overdose at a local hospital.

A police report has been filed.

Chili's officials dispute the family's version of what happened and is investigating the incident.

A Michigan family filed suit last week after a 15-month-old boy was mistakenly served margarita mix instead of apple juice at an Applebee’s.

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